Anki Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Your Ultimate Anki Flashcards Shortcuts Cheatsheet ✨

Hey there, Anki aficionados! Ever felt like you're clicking more and studying less? Well, fear not! We've got the ultimate Anki Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet that'll have you navigating like a pro, leaving more time for what truly matters - conquering those flashcards. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned Anki user, these shortcuts are your ticket to a smoother Anki experience. Let's dive into the world of Anki and make your study sessions a breeze!

📚 Deck & Study Moves

  • Kickoff a Study Session: Hit S and dive right in!
  • Next Card, Please: Space or Enter moves you forward.
  • Flip Card Over: Surprise yourself with Space or Enter.
  • Marking for Review: Star it with *.
  • Too Soon? Bury It: Press -.
  • Take a Break, Card: @ suspends the action.
  • Delete, but With Caution: Hit Delete for goodbye.
  • Oops...Undo That!: Ctrl + Z to the rescue.
  • Changed Your Mind? Redo: Ctrl + Y on Windows/Linux or Cmd + Shift + Z on Mac.

🔍 When Reviewing

  • Rate Difficulty: 1 (Yikes!), 2 (Tough), 3 (Alright), 4 (Easy-Peasy).
  • Hear That Again?: R for replay.
  • Check Yourself: Record with Shift + V and play with V.

🕵️‍♂️ In the Browser

  • Find Your Cards: Press B.
  • A Closer Look: Shift + P for a preview.
  • Tagging Team: Ctrl + Shift + T or Cmd + Shift + T for the cool kids using Mac.
  • Take a Time Out, Cards: Use ! to suspend.
  • New Deck on the Block: Ctrl + D or Cmd + D.

✍️ Editing Essentials

  • New Note Alert: A for add.
  • Tweak That Note: E gets you editing.
  • Direct to Tags: Ctrl + Shift + S or Cmd + Shift + S.
  • Styling Time: Bold (Ctrl + B), Italics (Ctrl + I), and Underline (Ctrl + U) - get that text snazzy!

🌟 Miscellaneous Magic

  • Sync It Up: Y to stay updated.
  • Switch Profiles Like a Spy: Ctrl + Shift + P or Cmd + Shift + P.
  • Preferences Peek: Ctrl + P or Cmd + P.

There you have it - the cheat codes to mastering Anki flashcards without breaking a sweat. Remember, it's all about making your study session as smooth as peanut butter, so you can focus on learning and not on navigating. Keep these shortcuts handy, and you'll be an Anki wizard in no time! Happy studying, and may the force of Anki be with you! 🚀

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Posted on: March 26, 2024, 12:40 p.m.