Frequently Asked Questions

Let's face it, creating Anki flashcards can be a tedious task. With anki-decks.com you can create flashcards from your files or text in seconds instead of spending hours transferring knowledge to flashcards.

Yes, flashcards can be created from files. We support a wide range of file formats like PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Epub, and many more. Just upload your file and let anki-decks.com do the rest.

Yes, you can generate up to 5 flashcard decks on the free plan. To create more flashcards from larger files or text you can upgrade to our Pro plan.

We use OpenAI's GPT models to generate flashcards from your documents or text. The language flashcards additionally use a text-to-speech service to add audio to the flashcards.

Yes, you can choose your preferred language when creating flashcards. We support 50+ languages. When you upload a file in a foreign language, your flashcards will be automatically translated into your preferred language.

Yes, we support this option. Just click on "Options" and choose "Cloze" instead of "Basic".

Yes! You can study your flashcards on our platform. Just click on "Study" and start learning. We use the FSRS algorithm to optimize your learning experience.

Anki is a spaced repetition flashcard program that helps users efficiently memorize and retain information through active recall and personalized review schedules. https://ankiweb.net

Language Flashcards are optimized for language learners. You can easily transfer your vocabulary list to flashcards with the "Text-to-Anki" mode. Or generate vocabulary for a specific topic and language with the "Topic-to-Anki" mode. The frontside shows the word in your native language. The backside shows the foreign word and an audio file.

You can split your PDF into several PDFs. Use a free tool like https://www.ilovepdf.com/split_pdf for that.

Yes, we support Image Occlusion Flashcards and made it really easy to generate Occlusion Flashcards from your files. Just click on "Add Image Occlusion Flashcards" in your deck and follow the instructions.

Absolutely, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription will remain active until the end of the billing cycle (monthly or yearly).

Easy! Just login to your account and go to Settings -> Manage Subscription. You can cancel your subscription there.

Yes, each flashcard comes with tags that are automatically generated by our AI. These tags help you organize and find your flashcards easily.